A Guide to Acing AC Shopping

A Guide to Acing AC Shopping

A Guide to Acing AC Shopping

Summers are approaching fast and the dreaded season is going to be really harsh on you if you have still not figured out how to battle the heat. But wait. You do not have to panic as it is not too late. In fact, this is just the right time to plan things out and buy an AC that will keep you cool in the summers. During the peak season, prices tend to rise and you end up spending more. So, why delay? Act like a smart consumer and get the best AC, within your budget, with this shopping guide that we have exclusively created for you.

Types of AC

Air conditioners can be broadly categorized into 4 types:

  1. Window AC – The most popular type of AC with single unit (compressor and condenser), is compact in size and mounted in a window.
  2. Split AC – This AC rests on a wall and requires a hole to be drilled through it. It carries two units (evaporator and compressor). It produces less sound, has got more designs/colors and doubles up as a décor item.
  3. Portable AC – It is portable, possesses a floor stand and sleek design.
  4. Inverter AC – It is highly energy efficient and consumes less electricity.

Factors to be considered

Do take these factors into account before saying yes to an AC model.

  1. Capacity – ACs are available in the range of 0.75 ton to 2 ton. The capacity is proportionate to the area an AC is supposed to cool. For an area of 120-140 sq. ft 1 ton is apt, 150-180 sq. ft needs 1.5 ton and an area of 180-240 sq. ft needs 2 ton. The more the area, the more capacity is needed.
  2. Energy Efficiency Rating – Also known as EER, energy efficiency rating is a standardized rating that indicates the AC’s ability to consume less electricity and produce optimum cooling. The better star rating an AC has, the more efficient it is.
  3. Cooling Speed – Thermostat and cooling fans help you to control the cooling as per your requirement. Therefore, an AC should have adjustable thermostat and two fan speeds.
  4. Special Features – These features include air filter which helps to maintain good indoor air quality, sleep mode function (automatic temperature adjustment in night), multipurpose function (ability to be used in summer as well as winter), dehumidification, auto restart (ability to restore the last setting after a power break), remote control facility and timer.
  5. After Sales Service – To keep your AC in best condition, you need to service it regularly. So, go for those brands that offer warranty and after sales service.

What and where to buy

There are numerous AC brands in the market but the ones that are known for quality products and better technology include Voltas, Samsung, LG, Hitachi, Panasonic and Bluestar. As for shopping, you can choose to go to a showroom but online shopping is more profitable as it lets you compare prices, analyze features in detail and also avail more discounts. Sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues are credible and offer a wide variety with around 50 brands available with them.

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