Be a Pro in the Art of Safe Online Shopping!

Be a Pro in the Art of Safe Online Shopping!

Safe Online Shopping Tips

Gone are the days when we had to drag ourselves to stores to get what we need. Thanks to the big miracle called the Internet, we no longer have to brave bad weather, traffic jams and limited options to get what we need. Online shopping gives us a complete shopping experience while we’re all cozy and wrapped up in our comfort zones. In addition to comfort, online shopping offers better deals, better options and even no-hassle return policies! What more could you ask for!

But before you rush off to order your favorite pair of shoes, here are a few tips that will ensure a safe online experience. We cannot deny that the Internet has a fair share of scammers and phishers who are constantly trying new ways to scam people and steal their money. Have no fear though! With these handy tips, you can shop till you drop without any worries!

True Or False

Ever received one of those emails claiming that a website is offering you a free TV?  That’s the most common form of scamming. No online store will give away free TVs unless it gets something equally valuable in return. Scammers send these mails in order to lure you into revealing your credit card details which they can then misuse. Stay away from any deal that sounds too good to be true because a little caution can save you from big trouble.

Shop Smarter!

Spend a little time browsing through all the good deals available on a website. Ordering a product straight away seems like the easy way out but a little patience and research can give you reasonable discounts. Now who can say no to that? Once you’re certain that the coupon, gift card or deal is authentic and reasonable, go ahead and enjoy the sweet fruit of your labor!

Never Fall For The Fake

Online shopping is safest when you stick to trusted names. An obscure website offering you unbelievable deals is very scary because there is a high chance it might turn out to be fake. So, be sure to check before you place your order.

Watch Out For The Lock!

When it’s time to pay for all the goodies you’ve collected, check if the website provides a secure socket layer (SSL) encryption. Does that sound like Latin to you? No problem. Simply check if the URL on top of your browser starts with HTTPS: // and also if there is a tiny green padlock symbol next to it. This will keep all your information safe and secure!

In addition to the above points, make sure you have a strong password and avoid using public computers like cyber cafes. Online shopping is safest when done through a private network on a personal device as there are minimal possibilities of some hidden malware stealing information.

So arm yourself with these tips and tricks and enjoy your online shopping experience to the fullest! Let the celebrations begin!

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