Ground Nuts

Ground Nuts:
The Peanut, also known as the groundnuts, it is also called as goober in USA. It is called Monkey Nut in UK. It is widely grown in the tropics and subtropics, being important to both small and large commercial producers.

What are benefits of eating Groundnuts?
Peanuts are rich in protein, fat and various healthy nutrients. Studies show that peanuts may even be useful for weight loss and are linked to a reduced risk of heart disease.

Vitamins and Minerals:
6.Vitamin E

Is it good to eat groundnut everyday?
Researchers have found that eating peanuts each day can help with your heart health. … If you eat peanuts every day you get protein, vitamins, minerals, and more! Peanuts have more protein than any nut (7g per serving), containing more than 30 essential vitamins and minerals, and are a good source of fiber and good fats.

Is groundnut harmful to health?
Peanuts are fattening. It’s true that peanuts have fat, but it’s the good-for-you mono- and polyunsaturated kind that tree nuts also have. … Like other nuts, peanuts also contain fiber, which helps make them satiating.

Is groundnut good for weight loss?
Despite their high fat and calorie content, peanuts could actually help in promoting weight loss. … Peanuts are power-packed with nutrients including fibre, protein and heart-healthy fats, which further make it easier to control your overall calorie intake during weight loss by increasing satiety.

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