Why Should Santa Have All The Fun?

Why Should Santa Have All The Fun?

It’s that time of the year again! Over the course of next
week, shopping for Christmas and New Year will be your top priority. You’re going
to go to every mall nearby to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones only
to find that they’ve all been bought before. You then decide to try the big ol’
Internet because there’s a lot more selection! Very smart of you! Until you
notice that the Internet is this big wide sea full of shopping stores that
offer all kinds of gifts. How do you find suitable gifts
without losing your sanity? How do you make sure people talk about your gift
until next Christmas? (Because let’s face it. That’s what we all secretly want,
right?) Most importantly, how do you stop yourself from freaking out and giving
everyone gift cards like last year?

Simple! We’ve got your back! Here are some fantastic,
wonderful and unique gifts lined up for you that will make you want to say
Hallelujah out loud!

For the Family

As always, family comes first. Especially when it’s
Christmas time! Here are some really fun ideas that might work for you!

Buying gifts for your father can be a daunting task! You’ve
already given him cuff links and ties and he has more than enough shirts. So
how about something different for a change? Is your father the kind of man who
constantly complains about misplacing his spectacles? Amazon has a quirky yet
understanding gift that’s perfect for a dad. Check out this hand crafted
nose-shaped spectacle holder from Store Indya! He’s going to think of you with
a smile every time he reaches for his glasses!

An mp3 player filled with his favourite songs is also a good
idea. Flipkart has an amazing collection that will make it super easy for you
to find one that’s perfect for your dad!

Moms are easier to shop for! If you’re a daughter, try this absolutely adorable mother-daughter necklace from Amazon. It is a symbol of your relationship and she will love it so much that you’ll definitely be her favourite child this Christmas! If you’re a son, buy her this gorgeous chocolate hamper from LimeRoad! You’ll get to see her smile and she’ll probably let you eat half the chocolates! Throw in one of these stunning handbags, sit back and watch her enjoy all the compliments rolling in.

Sisters and brothers are tricky customers. But these ideas
just might make them admit you’re cool after all! For brothers, check out this crazy
cushion from Gifts by Meeta. Not only will it bring back countless memories, he
can even carry it wherever he goes! If your sibling is a sports enthusiast, customized
sports gear is also a good option which is available in plenty at Sports365. As
for sisters, we all know that girls just want to have fun. How about a fabulous
party dress in red color from LimeRoad? With the festive season, she will love
to flaunt it and love you even more with the compliments that are showered on
her. Another brilliant move would be to get her a Maybelline Makeup Essentials
Kit from Amazon. She’ll be over the moon with joy.

Friends are Family

For your near by friends, a poster from Postergully depicting their favorite characters will mean everything this Christmas! You’ll definitely be the coolest person in the gang!

The fashionistas in the clique will gasp with pleasure when you give them these amazing palazzos from 9Rasa. Make sure you love them too because friends let friends borrow clothes and someday those lovely palazzos could be yours- for a day at least!

For the cool guys in the gang, choose a groovy pair of shades from Lenskart. They might be too cool to tell you how much they loved them but you’ll hopefully get something cool in return-fingers crossed!

For that special

Chances are you’ll be spending a nice, warm, cozy Christmas
with this person.  So here are some gifts
that will make the day even more memorable!

Scented candles from Amazon are a great way to unwind. Whether it’s a quiet dinner for two or catching a movie together, these scented candles will create the right ambience for an evening filled with togetherness and cheer.

If you’d like to take the heat up a notch, Clovia and Zivame
have amazing lingerie collections that will leave her feeling dizzy with

For the oh-so-cute young couple, the following ideas might
work. While the guy will love this men’s grooming kit from Par Avenue the girl
will adore a cute customized coffee mug from Archies!

Now that you’re all set for Christmas shopping, remember one
last thing. Choosing the right coupons will help you save as you shop and work
miracles with your wallet. So put on your shopping hat, hum a few bars of
Jingle Bells and get clicking! A very Merry Christmas to you!

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